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Since NI does not make the Traktor manual available in different languages, Italian in my case, I found this NI finger with the Traktor manual in English, being Online I can translate it into Italian in real time.

I was wondering, couldn't the NI people insert a script or something that saves this site in PDF so as to obtain the manual that can be consulted in PDF and with automatic translation also save the translated texts?

Once I had the PDF I could underline the parts that interest me most.

Or it would be appropriate to be able to highlight and store via the previous bookmark site, favorites of the most important things directly stored in our NI account. (maybe it's the fastest way)

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  • nickygdj
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    The manual is very substantial and extensive, I believe that adding this to be able to study it better is useful

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    You copy-paste the same text on every thread you made, and though i like your ideas in general, this is became a type of constant self-promotion... which is a bit annoying and (i think) against the rules too...

    To me, this works negative. I want to give you vote, but every time i see this text, then i think "no, this guy try to manipulate me, so no vote from me". You don't need this constant copy-paste. Most of your ideas are worthy enough.

  • nickygdj
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    I don't think I threatened anyone by voting for my ideas, asking is the democratic way to do things and democratically a user can choose not to vote. you yourself just said that you appreciate my ideas but you don't want to vote for them for a simple but discriminatory point of view. I'm not asking you to vote because I'm handsome, nice or intelligent, I have nothing to do with it, my ideas have to do with it, if those are valid and shareable why not give me a chance?

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