Totally Screwed by Newest Maschine Update

Resonant Serpent
Resonant Serpent Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

Yesterday I updated everything NI using the service center. This included NI Maschine. Now, I can't get the Maschine VSTs to load in any host. Not even the stand alone version will boot. On latest updates in Windows 10.

Also, I absolutely hate the new black and white color scheme for the icons.

Is there any way to download an older version of Maschine? I just spent three hours of my life on Christmas eve trying to get this to work, but now I'm screwed and pissed off. I looked everywhere, but couldn't find older installers. Zero options in the NI app.

Everything was fine until I updated yesterday. A complete wipe of everything Maschine and reinstalls did nothing.

Any suggestions other than ditching Maschine permanently?

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