X1 MK3 - The MODE button remaining issue.

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Hi there,

One small issue remains with the MODE button. The MODE button should not work at all if the SHIFT button is pressed and held down. Othewise it will mess up with the currently selected Knob Mode inside default mapping.

  1. Set FX 1 + FX2 mode for the knobs.
  2. Hold SHIFT and press MODE button to enter the midi mode.
  3. Hold SHIFT and press MODE button once again to exit the midi mode.

Observed results:

After exiting from the MIDI Mode (step 3), the currently selected page will be FX3 + FX4 knob page instead or the FX1 + FX2.

Expected results:

Pressing SHIFT + MODE doesn't change my currently selected page inside default mapping.

X1 MK2 doesn't have this issue (F1 does). Please fix this in next update for the X1 MK3.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!

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  • Jonas_NI
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    We've filled this bug as TP-18171 but we won't be able to fix it for 3.11 release unfortunately.

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