Tags System

What do you think about inserting tags into song metadata?

A proven system for tagging and sorting songs, a function that will also expand the use of smart playlists.

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  • nickygdj
    nickygdj Member Posts: 38 Pro

    Exemple 001

  • Patch
    Patch Member Posts: 223 Pro

    This is precisely what Comment2 is for. And, if not Comment2, then, some other tag field.

    Comment 2 is Traktor Specific. If you want to keep tags with the music file, you'll need to keep the tags in a tag filed that lives in the music file. Comment2 lives in the Traktor Collection.

    If you don't use MP3Tag already mate, it sounds like you'd LOVE it. It does exactly this.

  • FJRB
    FJRB Member Posts: 4 Member


    Just that!!

  • nickygdj
    nickygdj Member Posts: 38 Pro
    edited January 13

    @FJRB Man, I've detailed so many ideas that could improve Traktor...

  • Ves
    Ves Member Posts: 11 Member

    Do you mean similar to MyTag in Rekordbox?

  • Terrordisco
    Terrordisco Member Posts: 36 Advisor

    How related is this to this suggestion?

    I'm a bit unclear what this request is about, is it about having a special metadata editor pane? If so... yeah. I'm in.

  • nickygdj
    nickygdj Member Posts: 38 Pro

    Yes, in particular, this request is the addition of a Tags system to label songs according to our system... example tags: strong, weak, hits, catchphrase or words that each user creates At your will to be able to filter or recall quickly.In this case, add the tags to the edit metadata panel... I also thought about a redesigned and faster accessible metadata panel...

    Also look for my post:

    "My Traktor Layout Browser & Edit (Revisited 2024)"

    I'll explain better how I thought of this and other changes to the layout...

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