Favorites F1-F12 for 4 Banks

This is a very simple idea, but I think many NI users and/or developers will agree that it is very useful.

Currently we can set 12 Favorites always just a click away (F1-F12).

I realized that very often, 12 Buttons are too few. You could go to the menu on the left and scroll through all the playlists, folders, etc. etc. but it takes a lot more time and you have to go looking for playlists.

I would have thought I could insert 4 buttons above the Favorites (Bank 1,2,3,4)

These 4 Banks can be recalled respectively with the keyboard command (or by mapping a MIDI controller of course), with the key combination (CTRL+F1, CTRL+F2, CTRL+F3, CTRL+F4)

The Banks could have a Customizable name (Bank A, ...)

Favorites 1-12 would always be called up by function keys F1-F12

BANK A -> Favorites (F1-F12)

BANK B -> Favorites (F1-F12)

BANK C -> Favorites (F1-F12)

BANK D -> Favorites (F1-F12)

So essentially the Function keys remain the same, but are multiplied by 4 different Banks.

P.S.: I thought of 4 Banks since (48 Favorites I would say are enough), but if it was an idea that NI developers might like, it could also be extended to 6,8,12... 12x12=144 Banks Apocalypse ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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