Auto Stem Separation in Traktor Pro 3 next update

Hey Team,

It would be great to have tracks loaded into Traktor automatically split into stems instead of having to prepare or download stem tracks.

Traktor software was the pioneer in Stems separation and its now integrated in all DJ platforms.

I think the stem separation feature should be integrated into the next software update whereby tracks loaded into the software will be automatically stem separated.

This would make mixing much easier and quicker instead of buying for stem tracks, preparing or downloading them.


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  • Manuel Serria
    Manuel Serria Member Posts: 1 Member

    I think it's kind of embarrassing in how the softwares like virtual dj have a live stem separaton and Traktor don't, even when NI show the whole idea like 10 years ago... Please, integrate an ai Stem separation in the next update 😓

  • Qaaaaaaa
    Qaaaaaaa Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I agree, I bought into the Traktor range because of stems a few years ago. Now every other DJ software has run with the idea leaving native Instruments behind. It's embarrassing to say the least as I was giving it the gig un about stems at the start. Having to get the stems created from a 3rd party sucks.

    I'm sure you should be able to do something in this space

  • Justmarv
    Justmarv Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I upgraded to Virtual DJ last week, amazing software. Stems separation is easy to use and sounds great, not sure how it will sound over a club system as yet.

    Note: TRAKTOR is an excellent software but needs life support.

    The stems separation technology is out there already why wait and complain. virtual dj works with most units.

    Maybe TRAKTOR will catch up and release stems separation soon, but I got it now and love it.

  • Leandro
    Leandro Member Posts: 12 Member

    Most software uses the spleeter stem separation algorithm. There is no way to compare with the quality of DEMUCS. Processing time is extreme. I believe that quality is what differentiates external Steam and its difficulty in adding to Traktor.

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