Lores - some samples don't make a sound

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Pick Catherdal of Exile (It's a preset inside the voice category) as an example. The attack is set to 0% by default, resulting in complete silence for some reason. Twist the attack knob even to just 1%, and the layer will indeed play. It took me a few precious minutes to figure out why some samples don't make a sound.

I use the latest version of the full Kontakt, even though I assume that this defect has something to do with the code of the library. If it doesn't get fixed like previous reports, I will stop reporting about bugs for NI. I am not your QA team, but I do want to help and make my experience and others' better. I hope you take my report seriously this time around.



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    Update: I wouldn't call it a bug, as further learning of the instrument teaches me that it's the "Trigger via" button which sometimes needs to be adjusted. So, Lores does behave as expected, but it feels like a poor design choice. People wanna play or listen to the layers right away.

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