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BUG: Individual CUE on remix deck slots does not work ( Beta)

KarimS Member Posts: 7 Newcomer
edited October 3 in Beta 3.10 Bugs

Subscription: Tractors Pro Plus

Traktor: (Beta)

Set up: Kontrol S4MK3 using Windows 10

Description: Individual remix deck slot cue does not work. On previous versions I could activate the cue on individual slots in a remix deck and hear that slot playing with its individual volume down. Now I am unable to do so, I can only use the main CUE for the entire deck (which requires me to hear all 4 remix slots playing and not an individual slot at a time.

Can you please point me to the support tool so that I can upload my settings files.

UPDATE: the CUE on individual slots does not work regardless of the volume or gain of the individual slot, it simply does not work. I can only CUE the entire remix deck and not one slot at a time. If I activate the cue for any of the individual slots, then the main cue for the deck automatically switches off and I am unable to hear anything until I switch off the cue for all 4 slots and activate the main cue for the deck again.

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  • Jonas_NI
    Jonas_NI Product Team Posts: 115 mod

    Taking a look !

  • Jonas_NI
    Jonas_NI Product Team Posts: 115 mod
    edited October 5

    There is indeed an issue there ! It has been identified and we're working on it.

    Thank you !

  • serge mara
    serge mara Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    production version 3.10.71 has exactly the same issue

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