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BUG: Settings sections disappear from the menu after importing an older settings file

Mike Iova
Mike Iova Member Posts: 2 Member

Subscription: No

Version and Setup: 3.10.0 71

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Exported a .tsi containing only the Controller Mappings using Traktor 3.9.0 90 [XONE_K2_EFFECTS.tsi].
  2. Made some changes in the controller mapping of AH K2.
  3. Updated to Traktor 3.10.0 71.
  4. Exported a .tsi containing only the Controller Mappings using Traktor 3.10.0 71 [XONE_K2_MIXER.tsi].
  5. Imported the previously exported .tsi from Step 1 [XONE_K2_EFFECTS.tsi].

Observed Results:

The controller mapping was imported correct, but the following settings have disappeared from the Preferences menu after performing Step 5:

  • Traktor D2
  • CDJ 3000

When importing back the file exported using Traktor 3.10.0 71 [XONE_K2_MIXER.tsi], the two items (Traktor D2, CDJ 3000) are back in the menu.

Expected Results:

The controller mapping is imported without any side-effects.

Probably this behavior is the same with any older settings file, but didn't had any in hand to test it.

Attached are the above referenced mapping files and two screenshots after importing each of the files.

Waiting for your feedback.

Thank you,


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