Still have to manually locate samples after moving Battery library to external SSD.

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Hi everyone.

I moved my NI library content from my internal SSD to an external one. I followed the steps in the NI guide and and used the 'relocate all' function in Native Access 2. It all seemed to go well at first. However, any Logic project I open now that had an instance of Battery in it, won't load the Battery samples.

The first project I opened displayed the missing samples dialogue and I was able to navigate to the moved library folder on my external SSD. However, none of the projects I opened after that displayed the missing samples dialogue. They just load Battery and all the cells are greyed out.

The only workaround I've found was to copy the plug-in settings, load whichever kit I was using, then paste the plug-in settings. Then this would open the missing samples dialogue and I could navigate to the moved library folder and then save the project.

Surely this isn't normal?

Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?


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