Request: Elastic beatgrids

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original request on the old forum:

Use cases:

  • Tracks with unsteady BPMs
    • either from live drummers, or Old disco / 80s Pop tracks
  • Tracks with multiple BPMs
    • Transition tracks with abrupt ot smooth changes

Why manual adjustment is not a solution:

  • Beatjumps:
    • Impossible to fix in advance because the jump happens instantaneously
  • FX BPM-synced effects: (eg delay)
    • Impossible to fix in any situation, because FX fully depend on the beatgrid
  • AutoLoops:
    • IN point: with quantize off, you have to enable the loop at precisely the right time
    • OUT point: In this case you have to immediately enter "loop out adjust mode" to fix the out point as fast as you can
  • Sync beatmatch:
    • In this case you HAVE to compensate continuously using the jogwheels on the whole eg. 60s transition (manual beatmatch)

Previous requests:

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