Having 'ghost midi' jitter issues.

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I seem to be having a huge issue with a Komplete Kontrol S-49. MK2 keyboard I bought second hand. The MIDI values adjust themselves and cause huge problems in the software as the UNDO menu gets filled with the (ghost) movement of the knob.

I uploaded a YouTube hope someone can help me sort this out. On the hunt for the correct pot.

I have removed the part but still the problem persist.

There is some info in the description as well.

Part number says 0b20k 20F3

It has 4 prongs on the front side and 2 (one on each side) for the sides.

seem to be over one inch long (maybe 28 mm ?) with a flat shaft.

see video... hope some one knows a solution for me ;)


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    yes I have


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