adding new instruments to the sample library

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Hello, I'm new to NI but have a long career as a professional musician and known for playing an array of unusual instruments as well as conventional ones. I own and play a few instruments that I believe are not in the current library (of 900) and that have unique sounds and voices that others might find interesting. I was recently brought into a studio and spent two days sampling one of these instruments that a composer will be using in an upcoming film score. We recorded a meticulous variety of note lengths, velocities, articulations and melodic elements. It got me thinking...would NI pay for a sampled sound library of an instrument they don't have?


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    Hi @lapplandmusic welcome! We're making the large majority of our sound content internally and really only ever partner with artists once in a while. We don't really have any plans to extend our content at the moment but really appreciate the interest here. 🙏

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