April 2023 leaderboard & vouchers giveaway

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Last month we announced that as a community member, you can win vouchers simply by answering the most questions from fellow users. Here come the top contributors for April 2023 - the first ever round of our monthly leaderboard giveaway.

1st place @LostInFoundation

You posted 803 answers in total, out of which 72 were accepted answers. You made 652 points last month! A 100USD voucher is on its way to you. 💸

2nd place @Kymeia

You posted 154 answers last month, out of which 15 were accepted answers. You made 182 points in total. A 50USD voucher will be with you soon.

3rd place @Kubrak

You posted 120 answers, out of which 17 were accepted answers. You made 159 points. You won a 25USD voucher.

Thank you for the time and effort you put into helping others in the community. Your contributions are appreciated! 

Want to be on this list and win prizes? Become a top contributor by answering users' questions and adding your own content. See more info here.



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