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The Solid Mix Series (Bus compressor, Solid EQ...) The reverb classics (RC 24 & 48) - They all look terribly tiny on a Hi-DPI monitor. Now I know that Hi-DPI is not a new complain to the NI dev team and that GUI updates slowly arrive here and there.

And yet, in their current state, the standalone effects are tiny, pixelated and the text is barely readable, while inside Guitar Rig 6 all of them already got a scalable GUI, they're large, readable and usable. I wonder if it would be possible to "export" the GUI update from GUITAR RIG 6 app and apply it on the VST version of each effect.



  • LostInFoundation
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    It would be wonderful. But not sure it would be possible. Why they didn’t do it otherwise?

  • Kymeia
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    I think they just haven't got round to it, yet. I'm sure it's technically possible if they can do it in Guitar Rig but they have had other priorities recently but hopefully now those are out of the way they can get back to GUI updates for the rest of their stuff.

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