help activating legacy products

Thales de Paula BR
Thales de Paula BR Member Posts: 8 Member

Hey guys, see if you can save me.

a studio where I support native products is stopped,

because he can not activate the native products.

o native access 1 (OS X 10.9 Native Access 1.1.3)

does not connect to the server to activate the products.

and neither can upgrade because of your pro tools hd.

Are the servers offline?

he just needs to log in and activate..

we already tried

OS X 10.9 Native Access 1.1.3



  • LostInFoundation
    LostInFoundation Member Posts: 3,192 Expert

    Difficult to help if it’s not even connecting to the server…

    Some trivial questions: are other internet connections working in this studio? Is there something like a firewall in Mac that could block the access to this specific server? Are the credentials for the account correct in Native Access?

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