Please create software tags for expansions inside NA 2

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Whenever I wish to install Massive X's expansions only for example,

I have to google Massive X to find the full expansion list. Then I scroll through the huge expansions page of inside Native Access just to find these, by trying to avoid those of Battery 4, Reaktor, Maschine etc...

I thought it would be nice to include additional tags by the next 3.3.0 update or so, to make it possible for users to filter expansions by platform / software and not only by different music genres. These tags would of course be Reaktor, Massive X & Maschine.

If you're a user like me, don't be shy, like my suggestion and join the request. I am sure it would save plenty of time for many of us. I assume more content is expected to be released at some point, which will only make it harder and harder to navigate through the different expansions as time passes by.

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  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for sharing @aidenstunes. Currently the Native Access team is using this form to receive feature requests. Feel free to drop your suggestion there. 🙂

  • Ed M
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    Well, here's another suggestion, kind of in the same ball park. In Native Access you can filter expansions on music type (EDM, Hip Hop,...), which is great, and I use it to find which expansions I could use for a certain project. If you just could add this feature in the Maschine expansion browser, that would help a lot. Filtering through almost 100 expansions would be so much easier. The cherry on top would be to allow user-made filters. But I already would be more than happy with the first suggestion.

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