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New Mapping PIONEER DDJ-REV1 for Traktor Pro. Full Control.

nachopenades Member Posts: 47 Tri

Hello everyone,

I am delighted to present you this powerful mapping for DDJ-REV1, very faithful to the native. Enjoy it!

PIONNER DDJ-REV1 Controller Mapping for Traktor Pro 3. Full Led, Full Mapping. Perfect and intuitive operation. It works on Windows and macOS. The mapping has been tested in Traktor Pro 3.

4 Decks.

4 Remix Decks.

All mixer controls, FX and filter controls.

Browser (Open/Close, Scroll Tree & List, Open/Close Folder, Load)

Headphones (Mix, Level, Channel Cue, Master Cue)

Tempo fader range.

Jogwheel (Deck / Vinyl).

PADS (Hotcues (Create, delete [Shift]), Beatjump, Autoloop, Roll, Tracking, Trans, Sampler [Remix Deck Mode], Keys).

LOOPS (IN-OUT, 4 BEATS, EXIT, 1/2x, 2x, Auto Loop).

Mixer level LEDs (R-L) and CUE.

Sampler mode works on REMIX DECK.

Get it here:



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